Slow Cooker Recipes

Dessert Slow Cooker Recipes

Our inspirational dessert recipes and ideas are irresistibly tasty when made in a slow cooker. Yes you heard it right, you cannot just prepare your lunches and dinners in a crockpot but some quick and easy lip-smacking desserts can surprise you too. has a collection of traditional desserts, cakes, festive desserts and some amazing puddings and brownies. Just mix up the ingredients, follow the recipe and leave the rest on your crockpot. The magical desserts will be ready with no fuss, by the time you engage in other kitchen activities.

Chocolaty Fudge Brownies

These hot, fudge, chocolaty brownies in the slow cooker will make oven-baked brownies seem like a difficult old story. After trying this heavenly dessert which was so easy to make and turned out to be so perfect now i think i can easily make some brownies for the birthday parties at home. These moist velvet brownies melt in your mouth… View full recipe