Slow Cooker Recipes

Italian Slow Cooker Recipes

Amuse your guests with the exclusive Italian slow cooker recipes. Choose from the vegetable lasagna, Baked Mushroom in Pesto Sauce and the amazing ravioli all in a crockpot with our recipes. Browse this section and enjoy the taste of Italian cuisine.

Eggplant Parmesan

This eggplant Parmesan tastes exactly like the ones that you have tried at authentic Italian restaurants. Served hot over  pasta or any other of your choice, the saucy and cheesy eggplant is a pure vegetarian pick that is hard to resist. Certain the mozzarella threads will tie you to this delicacy even more. Servings: 6-8 Cooking time: 4 hours. Ingredients:… View full recipe

Home-made Beef Ravioli

Making raviolis at home and that too, in a slow cooker might seem time-consuming but once you get started, difficult will be old story. You can make this Italian dish in large amounts and refrigerate them conveniently for later use. Stuff them with cheese, beef, chicken or a stuffing of your own choice. Something that has so many variations and… View full recipe

Baked Mushroom in Pesto Sauce

Amuse your guests with this exclusive starter. The flavors of basil and nuts in the pesto sauce transform the primitive mushrooms into nothing less than Italian glory. You can alternate mushrooms with spinach or egg plants, or even mix the three together for a more exciting treat that will make your guests wonder what comes next. Top off with cheese… View full recipe

Ol’ days Chicken and Dumplings

Remember the cottony dumplings grandma used to make? These might truly bring you nostalgia. The veggies lend its color and freshness, while cooking over crock pot makes it soft and fluffy. Italian herbs especially highlight their flavors guaranteeing dumplings just like the Grandma’s- perfect menu for a relaxing weekend. Servings: 6 Cooking time: 7-9 hours Ingredients: 1 potato, peeled and… View full recipe

Vegetable Lasagna – let the veggies do the trick

The vegetarian main course proves that you do not have to go meaty to prepare meal that is fit for a king. These creatively combined veggies wonderfully do the trick for you. scrumptious sauce, flavors of herbs, crunch of carrot and capsicum, mix of seasonal vegetables, hint of garlic and addition of mushrooms with a lot of cheese for the… View full recipe